Your Ultimate Guide To Starting a Blog Website In 10 Quick Easy Steps


Step By Step Picture Tutorial to start Your WordPress Website In Easy Steps

I have written this 2000 + word guide specially for you and new bloggers looking to start a blog  or a business website and I really hope this step by step tutorial helps you get started.

I have been blogging for the last 10 + years and  write from some  of my own blogging experience and hope you get something out of this ultimate guide for your blogger journey.This will help you if you are starting out as a new blogger or even if you are an established blogger. [updated 28 august 2017]

This tutorial is based on using the wordpress software, which is one of the most versatile website building software and can be used to build a blog or a business website quickly and easily. WordPress is also easy to maintain and update + customise and is one of the most popular bloggin platform on the internet

The first thing that goes through a person’s mind when they are looking to start a website or blog is the most important questions of price or cost of set up, how easy it is to set it up a blog , and what’s involved  in this process, so  I have put together some questions below that you would most likely be searching Google for –  and also the answers are provided below.

· What do you need to build a Blog ?

· How much does it cost to make a website ?

· How easy or hard it is to create a blog?

There are many easy website building software’s like Drupal , Joomla and others, but wordpress by far is the most easy software to build a website or blog today and is also the most popular website  software on the internet used by many  top million dollar blogsters.

Building a Blog Quickly in #3 steps  :

If you want to start a blog quickly, it can be done in just three steps, once you have everything ready  to install and set up your wordpress blog. 3 steps blog

It can be done by picking a domain name and installing a blog with 1 click install , then writing your first post and  just clicking publish to go live on the internet. The part of  (installing a blog) can take the most time  but can be done in 10 minutes or less if you have used computers before ( time may vary according to your knowledge level on computers).

So What is it (wordpress) ?WordPress is a CMS ( content management system) which you can use to build a blog and/or a website. This software itself is so flexible that you can make your website look like a professional website or then just like a blog in a few clicks. I recommend that you choose this to build your blog with wordpress and you can rest easy in the future. Below I will also refer wordpress to WP in its popular short form.

This Article Contents

For the sake of convenience, I added links to different sections of this article, so you can easily skip ahead to the section you want..


· What do you need to build a blog

· How much does it cost to create a website

· How easy it is to create a blog

· Quick Steps for building your blog

· How to start a self-hosted blog with bluehost

· Tips on buying domain name for your website

· Making your blog good looking and professional

· Ways to make money with your blog

Who will this blog-website making tutorial benefit?

1. Mum bloggers looking to start a blog

2. Small business owners looking to get an online presence via a website

3. People looking to start a Fashion blog, Recipe Blog, Business website, Portfolio Blog

4. Or pretty much anyone looking to start a niche website or blog

So let’s get started – Shall we?

NOTE: This post contains some affiliate links which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you buy  any services after clicking through from my blog. Please remember that I never promote any products unless I’ve used them myself.

So here are the answers you seek


1st question – What do you need to build a blog?

I will keep this simple all you need to start a blog is a domain name and a hosting acount. Domain name is the and hosting is  space where your website would stay on the internet. I get my domain name normally from godaddy and hosting from bluehost.

You could get your domain and hosting from two different places like godaddy and bluehost, but I will make this easy for you and suggest you get this from the same place if you are starting a new blog.Read more below

So, this is all you need to get your blog started and running on the internet and I will show you a step by step procedure on how to get this all set up below.

2nd Question – How much does it cost to make a website?

I will be frank ( not Jeff -thats me ) with you and tell you that most hosting companies will quote you the monthly rate ( Anywhere from $3 to $6 a month) , but not all will give you the option of paying monthly and so you will have to pay it in  lump sum yearly or 24/36 months in advance.

So say, I am recommending bluehost at the current discounted price of $3.95 ($5.99 normally) – the 36 month price for it would be $142.20. You can Process you order via this link and check what price you will get. These prices are typically for starter plans, but you can also get pro and plus plans with them which offer a few more features and benefits.

You get a domain name free with this 24/36 month plan, so you save another $15 to 20 dollars on that as well when you purchase this plan. I would suggest getting a 36 month plan as you block that lower price for that period. Prices never go down ,they only rise!!

If you took only a 12 month term, the price could jump back to $7.49 a month which is standard rate for 12 months for renewing your plan after twelve months and so you lose the savings you get for 36months and will end up paying more for a shorter term plan.

So to put it simply your cost for setting up and running a blog for one year is either $3.95 a month or then $142.20 yearly approximately.

I suggest you shell out an extra $69 dollars to sign up with elegant wordpress themes to get a good look for your blog. I tell you why – Say If you go shopping would you like to enter a good looking store or a shabby looking store, the same thing applies for your blog , if you don’t have a good looking design for your blog , then your wasting its potential , so spend that extra bucks and get it looking good .

Elegant themes are one of the most affordable premium theme providers on the internet and you can get 80+ website themes for just $69. Browse and buy their designs over here.

If you add this cost$69 to your hosting of $142.20 then you are looking at @ $211 approx. for a whole year- which is about $17 a month roughly for a good looking blog on a nice platform.

Yes there are free blogging platforms like , and but If you are serious about blogging and don’t want limitations on your blog then the above recommended self hosted option over here is the best one .

3rd Question – How easy or hard it is to create a blog?

Hard? – If you can use a new smartphone or then type in a word document, then it should be very easy for you to set up a blog , yes it’s that easy. Most new hosting companies like bluehost have a new 1 click install system where you can get your blog website installed and ready in just a couple of clicks.

To make this part of the process even easier I got a picture guide below on how to register with bluehost, claim free domain and start your blog in easy picture tutorial.

The actual process of setting up the blog can be done within 10 minutes, but the process from registration with blue host until setting up blog could add a few more minutes to it (Say total 15 to 20 mins in total for the whole process)

To be fair – Other Good options for hosting

I know I have given the breakup of pricing for bluehost hosting earlier for creating a blog, so I am going to give you two other options which are also good hosting companies.

Hostgator :

HostGator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, who was then a student at Florida Atlantic University. HostGator is a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting with an additional presence in Austin, Texas.

Their shared hosting plans start at $5.56 a month (now 20% off)

Hostmonster :

Hostmonster is also part of the Endurance International Group which also owns bluehost. On June 12, 2011 company founder Matt Heaton announced on his blog that he was stepping down as CEO to focus on the company hosting platform’s design and technical structure. Apart from the basic shared hosting they also offer VPS and Dedicated server hosting

Their Shared hosting plans start at $4.95 a month (Click here)

I will now take you through a guide with pictures on how to register for you hosting package and get your free domain with blue host. The process will be a bit similar if you choose to go with other hosting providers but the webpages may look a bit different from this below. Do not forget to read more beginner tips like choosing a domain name right below.

Below first I give the essentials of starting a blog below. And then dive into the picture guide of “how to start a blog with blue host hosting”

The essential steps of building your blog

We’ve covered so far is basically what it takes to build a blog and what’s involved along with a few tips. Here below in a quick nutshell are essentially the four steps that you will take to complete the whole process to set up your blog:

1. Purchase your domain

2. Get a hosting account

3. Choose a platform

4. Install a theme, ( if you want one )

If you go with bluehost, which we recommend, then 1 and 2 is already taken care of in one shot and if you also take our recommendation of starting your blog on wordpress, then no3, is already taken care of as well, as the steps below will show you how to install the wordpress-blog with bluehost.

For No.4 we have reviewed some good wordpress theme providers below and finally show you how to make money with your blog

How to start a blog with blue host hosting (PICTURE GUIDE)

The below are screenshots  of  the process of registration with bluehost hosting ,  which also enables you to get a Free domain name with their hosting  all in one transaction.  These pictures below  will take you through the process of purchasing your hosting to setting up your blog with domain name.

IF there is anything that is not clear in this process or anything which you dont understand , do leave a comment below or get in touch with me here.

Step 1

Go to the bluehost website here. Click on get started now

Screen-Shot-2015-09-05 step 1 of setup

Step 2

Choose the plan you  need. The lower priced $3.95 Starter plan should be sufficient if your starting a new blog. Click on select in the pic.

the 3.95 bluehost starter plan and plus plan deal promo sep 2015

Step 3

Choose or search for your free domain name by typing in the domain name you want in the column on the website  Or then transfer a domain name that you already have  in this screen.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-05 3 rd step of making website

You will get this  message in the next screen :

The domain you have requested,, is available / Or NOT

Step 4

In this next screen , you will get asked for your name etc  and billing details. Choose the plan for a free domain name and enter  your details.

I think only domain privacy is worth  buying as an extra , but  you can choose whatever optional features you want as in pic below.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-17 4th step

Click the i agree/ i confirm  button at the bottom and then  click submit

Step 5

Once you have done the payment  and got your  login details , You can now install your blog  by clicking the install button

2016 step by step guide building blog step 6

You will get the login details in your email for your install when its finished installing.

ScreenHunter_05 Sep. 05

Step 6

Once you install WordPress, it will tell you where to log in (usually

Screen-Shot-2015-08-17 5th step

Step 7

Step 8  + Step 9  + Step 10

Check out a screen shot of a wordpress blog admin panel  one you are logged in

optimised wordpress dashboard changing themes design appearance

You can change the look by  installing a  good looking WP theme you have purchased   This can be done by clicking on the  appearance tab and uploading a  theme to the blog or then browsing for a free theme and activating it.

Well we are pretty much done over here installing the blog with the above steps . Here is the -> bluehost discount  link to start the process

The next steps given below are  steps which will help you to make your blog better and more professional looking and also improve popularity of your blog. How to make money with your blog etc  are also detailed below.

These Final 8, 9 ,10 steps  whihc is after the blog creation and a few more tips are explained below alltogether

8 – Tips on buying your domain

A domain name – Formally known as the Uniform Resource Locator or URL, it is often considered to be the address of a certain Web site.  The top level domain name is .com and that should always be what you are aiming for. They are other second level domains like .net .org and even newer one like .club a & .news.

I prefer to get my  additional domain names from godaddy , they often have 0.99 cent deals on for  a domain name , but you dont have to worry about this if you already got one free with your hosting package


I suggest you stick to .com if you can get your preferred name or something close to it. Few tips below on choosing one


2. Get a Unique or interesting name

3. Dashes, abbreviations or numbers in your domain name could work against you

4. Domain name Ideas – Domainr can give you some inspiration on name ideas and If you’re really stuck you can use Bust A Name or Dot-o-Mator

5. Was the domain previously used – – The Internet Archive Wayback machine maintains snapshots of web pages as they change over time. You can use this service to find the kind of content that was earlier hosted on the domain if it was previously used by somebody.

ICANN: This is the organization that has ultimate control over the entire domain naming system. A domain name can contain the numbers 0-9, the letters a-z and the dash or hyphen character (“-“). It’s important to note that while domains can contain a hyphen, they cannot begin or end with one

9- Install a theme or blog design on WP

It is surprising that not many people know that you get instant designs pre made for a blog- if you wish to change your blog design. Say you have set up your blog and its ready, all you need to do to get a professional looking design for your blog is buy one(download) and then go to appearance under your blog admin tab and upload the design in two clicks ( 2 mins) and then click activate and your new design is installed .

If you building a recipe blog you can just activate a premade design for a recipe blog, if you starting a travel blog just upload a design suitable to the fashion niche and so on.. There are free themes available under the appearance tab in your blog admin that you can choose an activate , but I recommend getting a paid one for peace of mind with security as they are always regularly updated and won’t break with most word press updates as some of the free ones tend to do .

Pre made blog designs or wordpress themes as they are called can be got from providers for $59 – $150 for one theme to $69 for 80 + themes, so there is a big difference in pricing with different WP theme providers.

I always suggest elegant themes ($69 for 80+ premium themes) as they are good and affordable and recommend Solostream themes if you are planning to make money with Google AdSense, in the future with your blog as they have good options for adsense ads for your blog and they also allow the flexibility of removing the sidebar with a click in you want full width pages or posts in your blog.

10 -Making money with your WordPress blog

Google Adsense

This is one of the easiest ways to make money with your blog with help from “Google”. It’s called Google AdSense. All you need to do is sign up with Google AdSense and get approved by providing your blog url and then you can start earning money by putting those Google ads provided on your blog and earning money every time someone clicks on those ads.

I suggest applying for this once your blog is set up properly and some traffic starts to trickle in. People or bloggers are earning from as low as $1 a day to $150 or more a day from this program, so your earnings from AdSense will depend on how popular your blog is, which will automatically result in traffic and visitors making you money.

Affiliate Programs

For eg , if you just signed up with bluehost hosting above , you are also eligible to start promoting them via their hosting affiliate program and you can earn money every time someone signs up with bluehost hosting from your blog.

Making money with affiliate programs works well when you are promoting products that are relevant to your niche, say you are creating a recipe blog, you could promote a recipe book in your blog pages or posts.

You could also sign up with big affiliates that provide multiple products to promote under their banner, like and CJ.COM.

Affiliate sales made from your blog can generate anywhere from $0.70 cent a sale to $100 or more for a sale depending on which product you are promoting and are paid either by postal cheque or online transfer into your PayPal account. It is paid sometimes within a week/fortnight, and sometimes on a delayed basis depending on the affiliate vendor.

Sponsored Posts

This normally happens when your blog becomes popular and notice in your niche. If your blog has started to get a high traffic, you will start getting approached via your contact page for sponsored posts or advertisement posts. What this means is people will make you an offer of money to post an article on your blog or then request you to write a post promoting their product and pay you for this. Again you can get paid anywhere from $10 to 100 for a post on your blog.

Creating your own product (ebook)

If you are creating a blog on recipes, maybe you can create a recipe book. If you are creating a blog on travel, maybe you can create a mini travel guide for a place you visited or if you have a fitness goal blog – You can create a book on how you reached you goal and help others achieve the same. If you gain success with this method you can earn a lot of money. They are various platforms where you can sell your book like, Amazon and the Apple platform, Google play store.

I suggest you check out the Clickbank university if you’re planning on selling a products (eBook) from your blog , as this online course can give you great tips if you are planning to build your first product and also train you in internet marketing which is the basics of earning money from your blog .

Getting traffic to my blog

This is what makes or breaks a blog, so to speak. The traffic you get to your blog is an indication of your success with blogging. If you get at least a minimum 200 unique visits a day, then you should be able to monetize some of your traffic and make money and if you are getting 500 or more unique visits a day and not making money with your blog then something is wrong somewhere. But don’t worries these figures still say that your blog is popular if you are happy with that.

Traffic or people will visit your blog only when there is content that is interesting and unique to read on the topic they are interested in. People will also come to your blog in large numbers if you are ranking in top ten in Google search OR Bing OR Yahoo and this can be achieved by SEO and Writing interesting content.

How to get this traffic to blog – Basic SEO is easy with wordpress, you just need to install a plugin – from the add plugin in your blog admin area and install the SEO plugin in two clicks. I recommend ALL in one SEO and Yoast SEO plugin (though I think yoast is a bit bloated plugin) (they both are free). Just follow tutorial on their respective blogs or Google search to get information on how to set them up.

Other popular methods of getting traffic nowadays is creating viral bait titles for your blog posts or website contents and distributing it in your Facebook page, account or on Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, You tube Videos etc. with interesting photos to match. If this is done well you can get good regular traffic from these places to your blog (as they get shared more and more). Putting your website link in highly trafficked forums which you have joined may also a be a good idea to bring in more traffic. Optimize your signature with right words to entice people to click it.

Now that you have set up your blog , know ways to make money from it and also how to get traffic , you don’t really need anything else but to just get started and working on your blog . Good luck and DO IT TODAY!

Is WpEngine worth the hosting money

What’s the difference between  a $1 hosting plan and a $29 hosting deal. Its obivious isnt it ?  Its quality.

the wpengin website deal

You get what you pay for.  The difference is obliviously here is  speed of server, quality of support, premium features like wordpress optimized servers , staging areas provided and more.  We are talking about wp engine hosting over here.

Quality vs  Price  for Hosting – WP Engine

They are a premium wordpress optimised hosting company and currently have a plan going on for  3 months free hosting, when you sign up. Get it here.

If you  not hellbent on quality and just want a decent host that will do the job then check out this $2.95 bluehost weekly special that is on just this week.

bluehost websitewp engine square logo

But if you want a good solid wordpress host, then wp-engine is way better.

WP Engine: A Developed Web Hosting Service with Specialized Plans

starting your website

WP Engine is one of the most reliable and popular web hosting companies assisting the clients. This company has developed outstanding recognition and reputation by delivering quality services in all aspects.

Based on the modern hosting programs, packages and technologies, WP Engine has captured the attention of almost customers of all levels. With this web hosting service, it is easy to find the attractive plans that fit your requirements. Worthy web hosting plans offered by WP Engine are listed below.

Personal: This plan is suitable for websites and bloggers. It is also useful to test the hosting services of this company. Buying this plan costs around $29 per month. Buyers get the single installer, 10 GB storage, free SSL certificates and 25 k visitors per month.

Professional: This plan is suitable for the online users looking for great speed and growth. Buy this plan and get 10 installers, 100 K Visits per month, 20 GB storage, unlimited data transfer and cost-free SSL. The monthly cost of this plan is only $99.

Business: This is the second name of business passion. Buy this passion and enjoy 30 GB storage, 400 K visits per month, 25 installs, free SSL certificates and unlimited transfers. This plan included the latest technologies such as GEOIP. Enjoy all these features just for $249 per month.

Design hosting plans:

Are you interested to create special hosting plans according to your needs? Well, WP Engine offers this amazing facility to its clients. Now it is very simple to create need specific hosting packages. Call now and ask for the Premium and Enterprise Grade to enjoy whatever you need.

Money back guarantee:

Users who experience anything wrong can return the services within 60 days. It means that you can get refunds of any package in case of any problem. WP Engine is very polite in the matter of customer dealing.

Special bundle for migration:

Those who are interested to shift the WP websites to WP Engine are treated with best services and features. WP Engine has started a campaign “Free Automated Migration” in order to encourage the WP users looking to shift. Enjoy special plug-ins, web traffic, dedicated servers and other gifts right now.

Improved SEO:

With the help of Free SSL Certificates, it is easy to enjoy specialized search engine optimization. Buy hosting plans and web services at the platform of WP Engine to get additional support.

Active customer support:

Customer support unit of WP Engine is efficient and user-friendly. This service is ready to assist the clients 24/7. Enjoy quick response sin the form of emails, live chats and telephone calls.

A team of experts:

WP Engine is among the leading web hosting services having a team of qualified and experienced persons. Meet with our experts if you are interested to learn more about the web hosting and other options.

Background of WP Engine:

Startup of WP Engine was dated on 1st March 2010 in Crunchbase. With a small but experienced staff of 15 members, this hosting service is assisting more than 50,000 loyal clients in 136 countries.

The best wordpress responsive theme for your modern new blog in 2017

the new visual buidler theme  by divi

Are you looking for a good wordpress theme for your new blog. What if you could design your own website just as if you were working in a easy to use program like Microsoft Word ,adding pictures, choosing font, adding headers,c hanging colors of font and background and more. Well the new divi builder theme by elegant wordpress themes is just as easy as that.

Free wordpress themes vs paid themes

Many People opt for free themes and regret later due to many reasons but If you got no budget then obviously – free is an option, but again – if you can afford even a little bit of money, then go for a paid theme, it pays back.

Free comes with its own limitations – Here are some reason  to go for a reasonably priced  good theme.

  • Authors of free themes are late in updating  their themes with new updates required
  • They often break with wordpress updates due to poor coding in the theme.
  • The Free theme designer gets involved in something else and forgets to  provide support to his free theme

I have been a elegant WP themes member for 8+ years now because their prices for wordpress themes are so ridiculously low. I mean common just do a search online for wordpress themes, who would give 85+ premium website themes just for $89.

Price Does matter with WP themes

In fact go search on theme forest, one of the biggest website design template providers and you can see that buying just one good wp design template costs you like $35 dollars. You will find cheaper ones on theme forest, but they are not premium in the sense, due to poor support and code etc. The good ones there cost $40 and over per theme.

Okay, coming back to the topic -why I am writing this post today is because of the launch of the new word press divi theme by elegant. This new divi theme with the visual builder that they have just released is a theme design that can literally take the shape of 100 different designs all from one template.

what you see is what you get

The Divi theme price ($89 for Yearly membership – Includes 87 themes and plugins)

As I told you that you get 85+ themes for a yearly membership price of $89 and for lifetime access if you can afford it at $249 its worth it.
It’s so easy to design your blog with the new wysiwyg website builder that you could think you are designing a website in word.
Hold on what’s wysiwyg (look above)

As elegant theme themselves say –

Our pricing is simple. Purchase a single membership for one low price and get access to our entire collection of themes and plugins. You can use those themes and plugins on as many websites as you like (client sites too).

You could pay just the one year membership fee for this one new theme  IMHO and get triple the value over the years for just the purchased theme , the other themes and plugins come as a bonus. In fact this theme will put many plugins that offer creating custom wordpress pages and websites our of business.

nick roach elegant themes founderNick Roach is the person who runs things at elegant themes and he has always looked out for his customers , by keeping prices low even when he could easily bump it up for what they provide.

He has gone all out on this one supporting his designers to give the best value to the customers with this new divi design. Its pretty much an all in one wordpress design with customisation possible from top to end.

So what is a good wordpress theme ?

Well the obivious is first, that it looks nice and presents well, here are some additional things to look out for in a wordpress theme.

Responsive – the theme should be responsive and load properly on desktops as well as smartphones, tablets

Light on code – the theme should be coded well and light in size – so that it doesn’t slow down your website.

Compatible – many poorly coded themes get affected/distorted by installed WP plugins or updates to wordpress

Flexibility – there should be flexibility to change colors of design, fonts, add extra code, SEO options inbuilt into template.

Professional – the theme design should suit the niche and look professional.

I’m glad to say the themes and plugins from elegant meet all of these standards or requirements.

With the new divi template, there are hundreds of customisations possible due to its flexibility in its design. But just lets have a look at some that stand out according to me.

The new Elegant &  divi wordpress theme features:

  • Access To All Themes
  • Access To All Plugins(This plan includes full access to all of our plugins, as well as all new plugins that are created during your membership.)
  • Theme Updates
  • Premium Support
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • Risk-Free Guarantee
  • One Time Fee

Specific to DIVI

Real Time Design

When you make a change to your page or design, everything is updated instantly right before your eyes. Design and edit instantly!

Premade Layouts

Jump-start your design process by using one of the 20+ pre-made layouts that ship with the builder. Boon for the  time conscious person or plain lazy peeps.

Mix and match

Divi comes with 46 different content elements. Mix, match and build just about anything you can imagine.

Here is a promo video from divi, explaining features in short summary

  If I was not a customer of elegant themes today and knew what i knew about their themes, I definitely would sign up merely for their new divi theme and consider the rest of them as a bonus.

  If you are looking for a new wordpress why procrastinate, you got nothing to lose here- but just gain 85+ awesome word press design templates for your website or future websites. Browse their amazing themes here. And good luck to your new  venture

Is godaddy a good host to start a website ?

my honest review of godaddy 2016Post Updated 5 September 2017. Go daddy is one of the  biggest domain registrars in the US , Inspite of being quite well known  and being one of the most popular   advertisers on the Superbowl “Americas premier sporting event” they have  taken a beating to their online reputation on various websites and forums, when it comes  to website hosting  and I don’t know why.

You search online and you can get many bad reviews about Godaddy. I got my first  godaddy hosting account  and domain  with great nervousness almost 5+ years ago, in spite of reading all the online bad reviews about

I purchased webhosting at that time from them, just because they were offering a $1 a month  hosting offer to me which sounded really cheap.

I just said to myself  – what the heck and signed up it was muich less to lose at that price. I have collected and listed some current deals just below and they are some here on this website as well.

Funny thing is I wasn’t disappointed with that cheap web-hosting plan purchase. I have since then got another second hosting account with Godaddy and have like 30 + domains on this second account as well.

Godaddy deals 2017

Below I have got together some of their latest deals

GoDaddy Deals for 2017Link to deal
Cheap Domain NameGet 0.99 Cent Domain Name
Cheap $1 HostingGet $1 month Hosting for your website (Check it)
Cheap Website Builder + domain + email for $1Click Here


This hosting that I purchased was most certainly  a very cheap price at that time. If I remember right, it was $1 a month hosting, and it was definite cheap  compared to the other website-hosting deals going around at that time of roughly $5 to $6 a month.

So I just grabbed it and set up a few niche blogs and also an affiliate site to promote products online.

The niche site did well and I also made money from the affiliate website and so my initial investment was already covered ten times in that year.

So was godaddy worth it ?

Well  as I was just starting new websites, I was not  really tracking stuff  like if they were 100% online all the time  or then how slow my website was loading,  but as my websites  were new and   did not use much  bandwidth and  resources everything was good and chugging along fine.

In fact go daddy at that time already had a 99% uptime guarantee, so I never had to worry.

A little later – I also purchased Hostgator and Dreamhost hosting plans for more projects and so I got  to test them out as well.  I had issues with my accounts getting hacked  and slow servers speed and downtime in initial years with one of them.

I got emails from them, telling me that my website was hogging their server resources , when i didn’t even have  like 100 hits a days , while my godaddy account was fine  and no emails from them , so from that point of view surely GDaddy was a winner .

I’m still with hostgator and blue host and they are doing fine. As far as the other host goes , they have stopped sending me resources hogging emails, or your account will be limited etc.. So that’s definitely  good sign from the hosting industry and I still until today use go daddy  hosting for several of my websites.

The best thing about godaddy that I like – is that they have local 1 dollar a month hosting wordpressAmerican support that you can pick up the phone and speak too  anytime. I always get to speak to a person pretty soon without staying too long on the line.

The few times that I called support, I was actually  attended to by knowledgeable staff  who managed to sort out the problem I had.


If you are looking  to get a website  or blog started and you are on a low spend budget, until you find your bearings – Do try  one of  go daddy’s cheap deals above.

Here is a tutorial Video for go daddy blog install by wordpress australia


3 Steps to start an online ecommerce shop easily and quickly

Creating yourOwn OnLine store (1)

When people say the word “ecommerce” everybody thinks it’s quite complex thing to get started with or involves a lot of hard work. People think online shopping carts and all sorts of things, but today with modern technology it’s completely the opposite.

You could actually create your brand new online shop working in just 10 minutes (Yep Just 10 minutes!)  and start selling.

How to start an online shop and start selling

If you know what you want to sell – that’s all right, but if you are undecided then there are two kinds of stores you can make to start your business – A drop shipping store or an Online store where you have your own products being shipped from your warehouse. A drop shipping store is pretty straightforward and can be easily made in 10 minutes and involves the least amount of work.

A store where you have your own products and ship them is a bit more involved and can take a bit longer like half an hour to build your store. First I will explain the difference between a “drop shipping store business” and a let’s call it “general store” shop.

A Drop Shipping Store Business in 2017

This is where you decide you want to open a shop/store online but don’t want to be bothered about inventory, sourcing and storing products and then physically packaging or shipping them to your buyers. What you really want to do with this method is just open an online shop and list & sell products and once a product is sold then- you just buy that product that you sold in your shop from another seller in china (alibaba/aliexpress) and put in your buyer address and it gets shipped directly to them from china. You obviously would have listed that product at a much higher price to make a commission on the sale.

You need three things to get a drop shipping business started:

1. A shopify store account – ( free trial available now)

2. A Aliexpress accountsign up here free

3. Oberlo – App to make listing products from aliexpress to your store easy (free 30 day trial)


Why shopify

If you have used wordpress or (operated a blog/website like me) you know it’s one of the easiest website building software in the world and you can easily make professional looking websites just by pointing and clicking a few buttons ( my tutorial here) . Well Shopify is the wordpress for building online stores. Shopify is one of the easiest and best service provider to build an “online shop” quickly and easily and they are quite affordable too. Make sure of the free 14 day trial link I have given above and you can check prices on their website from there.

Once you register for their free trial, you will get access to your online shop and you can see that structure of the design makes it easy to do everything to get your store online. You will get familiarized with all the sections as you use the store more and more. To just a list a couple of products and get your store online doing drop shipping should not take you more than 10 minutes.

Aliexpress account

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Aliexpress is an online marketplace from china which list products for sale in hundreds of niches from fashion clothing, gadgets, electronics, kid’s toys, stationery and much more. There are thousands of sellers from china selling their products on Ali express and they deliver from china to your doorstep. If you are doing drop shipping- then you will provide your customers name/address while purchasing (once you get a sale on your own shopify shop).

It is free to register with Ali express – register here.

Oberlo app

Oberlo is a paid app that makes it easy for you to add products from your aliexpress account to your online shopify shop. This app makes it easy to add products quickly and easily from aliexpress to your store. Once the app is installed in your store , all you need to do is search for a product (clothing or gadget what’ve) in the app in your store and it will show you the product, details and pics of gthe listing. Now just click import product and it will import the whole product title, description and pictures.

oberlo shopify app screenshot

You can choose which pics to keep for your post  and then just hit publish and the product is ready on your store to sell and it also shows inventory of how many are still left from the ali express seller account.

If you want – You could do all this manually with your Ali express account, browse Ali express for a product you want to sell, copy and paste product title, details, description and pics etc. and then list it on your store – but the oberlo makes this damn easy and quick. When you have to add many products to your store and you want to save time doing that, this app becomes a blessing.

Trust me with drop shipping it is best to add as many products to your store to get sales. 10 to 20 products on your shop is a good number to start with.

Check out the free Oberlo 30 day trial and pricing over here

Both a drop shipping store and a general niche store when made with shopify, will have shopping carts and all features of an online store as they come pre- installed so you don’t have to worry about all that.

A General Store

For explaining purposes here, I will say A general store is where you will buy products or make products and then store it in your house/ garage or warehouse and then when you get a sale from your shopify shop, then you will manually package and ship the product to your customer country based on how many they ordered and where they want it to be shipped. You will need to keep constantly keep track of your inventory and order more as you need it.

What’s different from drop shipping is that you don’t need to do packaging , not storage space needed , take professional pics for products , no spending time figuring out where it needs to be sent and shipping costs etc. with drop shipping. Most aliexpress sellers offer free shipping for their products to many countries.

Design or Look of your Store

parallax theme from shopify

Parallax them by shopify

The design or look of your store is very important and they are some amazing free designs for your online store, just browse the free themes/templates from your store and apply it to see how your store looks. Be warned though changing templates sometimes involves a little more readjusting of logos etc. with every change – your content will always remain in store as it is but will change how it displays with every time you decide to change the look/template in your shop. So choose a good one right at the start and stick to it.

multippurpose theme from  theme forest

Multipurpose theme by themeforest

They are some awesome paid templates that shopify sells and there are many third party providers also that make good designs for shopify stores. Just browse shopify or then the internet and you will find them.

Design sources for your store

1. Free shopify themes

2. Themeforest themes

3. Wpzoom themes






Payment Gateways for your Store

Collecting money for your sales is important and shopify has made this seamless, you get your shopify payment processing gateway when you sign up with shopify and so you can accept payments from all over the world. You’re automatically set up to accept all major cards as soon as you create your Shopify store. Shopify tells you if the payment method used or credit card is suspicious or dodgy and sometimes block payments.

accept payments directly with Shopify

If you’re not using Shopify Payments and you want to accept credit cards, you can choose from over 70 ecommerce payment gateways for your Shopify store. Check the list here. Businesses in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express debit and credit cards.

You also have the option of adding other payment gateways if you have a particular preference. is another option that some shops use as their payment gateway for processing payments.

How to make sales from your online store

This is where you will know if you can make it or break it. You are the measure of your own success. As with any business it takes time and hard work to make a business successful and that is the truth. If anyone tells you otherwise there are full of sh*t.

When you manage to make sales on your store then you can just keep doing the same thing and scaling and make more sales. Test more, try more new things and make more sales, find out what’s working for others doing the same thing, test try and sell more.

Setting up shop is the easiest thing to start your online shop, the rest of the bits are the hard ones. Like getting sales is hard and this I where you need the hard yakka. Saying that, I know some of my mates who have just started a shop, got the right ads and products on their shop and are doing $100k sales a month within 6 months of starting their store.

So how do you make sales with your store – This is something that you will need to test and see what works with your product. Facebook ads promotion is a must for everyone to try, but people are finding success with INSTAGRAM product promotion via shout outs from people with large following, promotion via Google and Bing ppc ads and some have managed to get sales via pinterest as well. So test out everything, but Facebook ads is a good platform to get sales for your shop, as you can find the right audience for your specific products with Facebook audience insights.

Apparently Facebook video ads also work very well and cost less to advertise right now.

Top Advertising platform for your online store:

1. Facebook ads

2. Instagram shootouts and ads

3. Google PPC advertising

4. Bing PPC advertising

5. Pinterest Advertising

6. Reddit advertising

7. Also Twitter, linked in and other social media platforms can be tested

I would recommend that as soon as you shop is published and online, you set up a business page from your Facebook account with your store URL and start publishing relevant content and your products to your Facebook business page.

Do create an Instagram account for your business and start posting relevant pics and content to your instagram account as well. I would suggest you keep your entire business accounts active by regularly posting stuff or get a tool to automate posting stuff by scheduling post s to your Facebook page/ instagram account etc.

As Facebook and shopify work together – With a Facebook page and store you can integrate your store to your Facebook business page, so that when you add products to your store – it automatically publishes in your Facebook business page as well.

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Need i say more? Good luck!