2 Features you need to Start a blog in 15 minutes

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When I actually started my first blog, I had already learnt html by myself and created a website, so i knew a bit about it all.

beginners guide to blogging 2017

However I was so wrong,  I still had so much to learn.

Most people would love  to know when and how to start a blog , when they are starting on their new online journey.

Today I am writing this tutorial for you as a total beginner friendly guide to starting a website.  Fast forward today and you don’t really need any particular skills to make a blog, that is if you choose the right software or services.

There are a couple of things which you choose, which can make your blog building journey easy peasey. I will list them below.

Building blogs – Why take the Hard path when there is an easy one

start a website for beginners installation tips comprssd

1 click install

This  is one of the most easy ways to build a blog.  You click one button and the installation of your wordpress blog gets done in the background and you get your Logon url to login to the admin area and do any further changes you need.

The 1 click install differs from provider to provider, but is pretty straight forward and easy with godaddy or bluehost which  is what I recommend.  With both of them, once you click on the install wordpress script, it will ask you a few questions like preferred blog name, description, your preferred admin name, password and then you get to click the install button and it does it all. Remember to note down your password and admin login name, you will need this later.

The Hosting + free domain name offer

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This is something good for beginners not only because it’s free, but also if you buy/get a domain name with the same provider then you don’t need to worry about pointing domain names to hosting and name servers etc.

When you get the hosting and free domain offer, you can do the whole blog install process in one seamless process in 10 to 15 minutes.  If you go the other route of buying domain from one provider and hosting from other, then you might need to adjust the name servers and point it to your hosting server, which takes a little bit of fiddling around .

Hosting Plans suitable for beginners

Now there are other things like server speed,  uptime and  compatibility with different kind of platforms, but rest assured the ones I recommend are tried and tested by myself.

Below is a list of popular hosting  providers for 2017

[table id=1 /]

I recommend shared plans like the $1 Godaddy hosting plan and the $3.95 a month bluehost hosting plan, because they are cheap plans suitable for beginners. The speeds of these servers will not compare to premium hosting plans which cost anywhere between $22 to $199 a month, but will do OK for fresh starter blogs.

If you think you might start another website, photo gallery or forums down the road then I would suggest you getting a plan that is between the range of $5.95 to $10.95 a month, which will allow you to host multiple domain names and websites or forums on the same hosting purchased – without any additional fees.

uk girl deals for 2016 in hosting

This hosting providers have a large range of scripts like Wikipedia styled sites, email lists software, photo gallery script software and many more that you can auto install with 1 click install.

You can install  new scripts/software either on a subdomain of your free domain  you received or then purchase a new domain for your 2nd blog or forum that you are starting. if you need a more detailed guide using  bluehost to install your blog check out my this post

Bluehost currently has a Good offer with domain free and discounted hosting – check it here. If you run into any problems don’t feel shy to get on support chat and have a chat with your hosting provider to sort out things ( or even message me here and I will be glad to help you )

The first essential task if your sitting on the fence is to get started now. Good luck!

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