Copyscape–The bloggers favourite tool raises their prices


Copyscape for long has been a tool used by not only many bloggers, but many small businesses and corporates. It was surprising how they managed to keep their price so low for such a long time with the vast amounts of server bandwidth searches would have generated.

They have just announced a price change which will boost the company profits nut be bad news for many customers with a low budget.

How to check if your blog content is copied ?

If you didn’t know what copyscape does, they allow you to check if anybody has copied content off your site and know where similar content has been posted. You can track down people who have copied content from your site.



With the copyscape paid version you get the ability to paste text directly into a text box for searching, instead of just submitting Web pages, and an API that you can use to automate and refine submissions to the service.

They just have released a press release with their new prices as stated on their website as below

New Variable Pricing from April 2018

Beginning on April 2, 2018, Copyscape Premium will move to a variable pricing model based on content length, starting at only 3 cents per search:

From April 2, 2018: Only 3c 

per search for the first 200 words + 1c per additional 100 words or part thereof.

Since launching Copyscape Premium over ten years ago, we’ve been devoted to providing you the best service at the lowest possible cost – a flat price of 5c per search. In recent years we’ve seen a major rise in the number of customers checking long articles, which require significantly more resources to process than shorter pieces of content. As a result, maintaining a flat price of 5c per search is no longer sustainable, and we don’t want to force one set of customers (with shorter content) to effectively subsidize another.

The new variable pricing means that each user pays exactly for what they use – with lower starting costs for everyone. The new pricing will apply for all users beginning April 2, 2018. Copyscape Premium will work the same as before, with your account showing a cash balance rather than a number of search credits. As part of the transition, any search credits purchased prior to 2018 will be granted a price cap of 5c per search until they expire.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2018 and beyond.

Thank you,

The Copyscape Team

Some other platforms and players in Plagiarism detection niche

Dont GetCopied






· required) break the text down into word combinations instead of sentences. This allows checks to be more deep and profound.

  • DOC Cop (registration required) creates reports displaying the correlation and matches between documents or a document and the Web. It gathers the evidence and provides the information necessary to judge whether plagiarism has occurred.
  • Want to check your grammar and spelling of your articles or blog post – check out this tool.

Hope this helps you in your website journey. Let us know if you have come across any good free or paid tools in this category.

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