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Best 20 Tips to buying a domain name 

  1. Keep It Simple

  2. Shorter is Better

  3. Avoid Hyphenated Domains

  4. Avoid Homophones

  5. Don’t Use Digit Numbers or Numerals

  6. Choose the Right Extension (.com, .net, .org, etc…)

  7. Use Keywords for Search Optimization

  8. Make It Memorable (and brand-able)

  9. Look Closely for Embarrassing Words

  10. Don’t Use Clever Spelling

  11. Choose Company Name and Brand Names

  12. Make It Unique

  13. Avoid Copyright Infringement (or trademark issues)

  14. Use Defensive Misspelling Techniques

  15. Check For Domain Abuse

  16. Choose a Reliable Domain Registrar

  17. Use Automatic Renewals

  18. Purchase Your Domain for 10 Years

  19. Sound out your domain name to yourself and see how it sounds

  20. Find a Domain ASAP


The Top WordPress Hosting providers comparison with features and prices – 2018

There is  only a handful of  top wordpress webhosting providers in the hosting niche for popular blog software wordpress and then there is a  big list of small hosting companies. Below we have compared the 2018  prices for webhosting and also sorted out features of...

Best Australian Web Hosting Providers for 2018

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10 tips to choosing the right domain name for your website

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2 Features you need to Start a blog in 15 minutes

Most people would love  to know when and how to start a blog , when they are starting on their new online journey. Today I am writing this tutorial for you as a total beginner friendly guide to starting a website. 

Your Ultimate Guide To Starting a Blog Website In 10 Quick Easy Steps

If you want to start a blog quickly, it can be done in just three steps, once you have everything ready to install and set up your wordpress blog. 3 steps blog It can be done by picking a domain name and installing a blog with 1 click install , then writing your first post and just clicking publish to go live on the internet.

Is WpEngine worth the hosting money

Want fast wordpress hosting and free migration of your website. The Wpengine is the hosting company you need to start your new business or website. WP Engine is one of the most reliable and popular web hosting companies catering to business websites as well as blogs.

Does go daddy still issue renewal coupons in 2016

To cut a long story short, they do not – but the good news  and bad news is that  there is another way to get cheaper renewal rates for your domain names with godaddy. Read my story on my hunt for renewal coupons below … My February hunt for go daddy renewal coupons...

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So is it black friday at Godaddy Australia ?

The internet online is going crazy with black-friday sales and online website deals are anywhere from 30% to 75% off the normal prices. Go daddy has already discounted prices going on ($1hosting + free domain name) , (99 cent domain names) and it cant get any cheaper...

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