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Setting up a blog in just 10 dollars in 20 minutes

Yes a blog can be made in just under $10. It sounds Unbelievable but it  can be done  and also looke beautiful and professional.

And guess what you can even have your own domain name included for  this low price  just like any professional looking  domain website like eg. .

When you sign up with any of the free blog providers  out there to start a  blog for free, you will be forced to adopt a longer  url instead  like below


( Which will have their brand included in the url  –  Like url after the blog name you choose – this is an instant giveaway of a free service blog)

create a free or cheap blog

So if you  are getting the option of setting up a  blog  with a proper domain name like  instead and that too for just in ten dollars, then why settle for a  blogger service  with a longer url that is hard to remember and also does not look as professional.

Blogging now increasingly has been taken up by people not only as a hobby or self-expression medium, but also as a means to earn money online.  And if you plan to take  your blogging serious at some part of time,its best  to go with a  nice looking short url  right from the start.

There are successful bloggers earning a full time income and some  by just blogging. If you can attract eyeballs to your blog (traffic) and can gain a huge following .. then earning money from your blog becomes easier. You can easily  make a blog  that looks good and also does the job of a website as good as any pro blogger website  at a minimum cost using free services.

The larger the traffic you get  to your blog …the higher the revenue earning potential your blog will have. Below I will show you how  to make a blog for yourself on the cheap.

Making a nice looking blog in just $10 or under

Coming back to the point, YES! a Blog can be built in under $10 dollars.

In fact you can have a blog for free as well from blogspot or tumblr or other blogging platforms , but then you dont automatically get a custom unique domain name for your blog.  To get that free blog  with a longer url  you just need to sign up with them and start blogging. The only problem is you will also have limitations to what you can do with your blog when you want to monetise it in the future.

Today the method I am going to show you is still half and half , so you are using a  free blog service, but  then you are paying  to get a proper domain name , so that your blog url  looks professional.

If you really want to dress it up  like a pro then you might need to spend a little bit more than $10 to get a professional looking custom theme for Eg. here this one, but there are free themes  also that look quite good for eg , this one.

If you get a free blog from google blogger(blogspot), you are also at risk of Google deleting or banning your blog – if you go against any one of their policies and trust me they have many restrictive policies and you possibly wouldn’t even know every one of them. I myself had a blog deleted  a long time ago  for no fault of mine and learned the hard way to always have full control of your blog and so decided to get a self hosted blog.

However  the method I am going to show you  today makes use of a free blogging service and a cheaply purchased domain name to get your blog made in under $10.

They are many other free blog services other than google blogger like tumblr , Weebly ,Typepad etc but they all have their own set of restrictions. But if you want to save even on  a $10  spend  to build a blog, then this free blogging service  is the way to go and you will have to make do with a longer url and limitations and restrictions on what you can do with your blog.

free blogger services like blogspot and tumblr and trial free like wix and weeblyIf you truly are determined and dedicated to get your blog started and established you can use our this provided method which uses a mix of a paid ( for domain) as well as a free service to get your first blog online and all under $10 . This method uses a cheap discounted domain from and free blogger blogging service to start off your blog.

So while you get your own personalised blog domain name like for eg.<> or whateva name you choose for a couple of Dollars , you are using the free google blogger service for space to host your Content (writing and articles ) and the free blogger service does the hard backend work of keeping your blog running and alive on the internet.(normally if you didn’t have the free blogger service hosting your blog – you would need to get  a decent hosting account  to host your self hosted blog. A  Self hosted blog gives you 100% control of your blog and much more freedom for the design and look of your blog)

How to get your $10 blog

While I do recommend getting a self hosted blog if you can afford it ($3.95 a month), If you are on a low budget then this is the way to go.

With this method  you only pay (0.99 Cents to $12) depending on current deal available for domains and get hosting for free from the free blogging provider), so if yo manage to get  a domain name for say 0.99 cents then  you have just got yourself a blog with a short url for  just 0.99 cents ( i.e  $9 dollars less  than what I promised)

For you to get you $10  blog all set up, you will need two things

1st – A Cheap domain costing a few dollars from godaddy domains(currently 0.99cents)

2nd – You will need to sign up with free Google blogging service called blogspot/blogger for your free blog(hosting).

How to get a domain name for $1.99 or a cheap price(0.99cents).

Go to and you will see a search button on the top of the page, type in a domain name or blog name in here and click search to see if  a blog name you prefer is available. quite often run these cheap domain deals, if your lucky you might grab a domain name sometimes for as low as 0.99 cents. Check here for any current go daddy domain deal . I prefer as they are one of the largest domain providers on the internet  and have good service record while also being competitive in pricing compared to others.

You can use my coupon code or discount referral link if you like.

Go daddy Hositng and free domain offer

When you find a appropriate name proceed to buy and register it. Soon as you have registered your domain, you will get more details about your registration sent in the email.  Now you will need to point your this purchased domain name to your free blogger blog which you have already set up by registering with google free blogger service here. if you haven’t already set up – Link to register and set up is below

Registering with blogger or tumblr or free blog service

The next step is to get your free blogger blog if you haven’t already,

go to and register yourself for a free blog by following the easy to follow instructions and you will have set up a free blogger blog in a few minutes.

You will need to note down and keep your registration and login details and the blogspot domain name. You will need this to set up the blog with your purchased short domain name which you got from godaddy.

[ Now i have suggested  above that you get a domain name from godaddy because   because if you use the default blogger domain  which you get when you sign up for the free blogger service  you domain would be something like  “” but if you get  a domain from godaddy  your domain url could be  more shorter and professional looking like “” and easier for your  viewers to recollect your blog name and also type it  in their browsers. A custom domain like this also gives a more professional impression that you take your blog/website  or blogging seriously.

By getting and signing up for the free blogger blog service you are essentially saving on a blog hosting service (check out my blog hosting comparison post here) that can cost anywhere between $100 to 250 a year.

The difference between this cheap method and a professional blogger who would buy a domain and get a hosting service (totally approx $260) to set up a blog is the price factor, with this cheap method you still get a custom domain name for your blog but you set up your blog at a much cheaper price with free google blogger hosting.

You will still have google watching over your shoulder with this free blogger service you are using ,but as long as you don’t do anything silly to upset google your blog will be fine and not deleted or banned.

The benefits of  this $10 cheapie blog setup

In short you spend under $10 for the whole blog – you dont even need to bother about ongoing maintenance as google free blogger service takes care of that and you can still earn money from your blog.

With this method, you own your www. blogname of your blog that your bought and you can transfer your free blog to a paid hosting service anytime you like to get it updated to a paid professional custom wordpress blog. There are no restrictions or monitoring by google when you move it away from blogger to custom hosted paid wordpress blog.

What is a custom hosted paid wordpress blog ?

Its  a self-hosted WordPress blog that most professional bloggers use. To set this up You buy hosting for a year from a hosting company  and  you can set up your blog  through word press which is one of the worlds most popular and easy blogging software. Most hosting companies now days make the process of starting this blog and moving your blog to them easy by offering the transfer service free or offering support to set up your blog.

Most professional bloggers use a paid wordpress hosting service and paid wordpress theme to get their blog to the next level . Heaps of customisations and designs paid and free are available for wordpress blogging software.

Most professional bloggers upgrade to a wordpress self hosted blog ( costing anywhere from $80 to 200 a year) once they can afford it. Self-hosted blog means you have you own hosting provider and have you blog residing with that hosting service.

Your domain name don’t need to be with the same provider, but can be also bought with the same provider. I prefer to buy my domains from godaddy and buy my hosting separately for my blogs as I have multiple domains and blogs and moving or transferring them becomes easier if you change hosting companies when you have your domains with godaddy.

Let me know if you need any help setting up a  cheapie blog  by either leaving a  comment here are getting in touch  via my contact page .

Enjoy our Intro video to the ultimate blog creation –> 10 Step guide below

Cheers /jeff

Planning to start a successful blog that will make you money ?

A successful and Popular blog with always need these 3 Components if you are in UK, Australia , US , Canada or any other country

  1. A good domain name
  2. A good hosting company
  3. And a Good Looking Design or WordPress theme.

Start a Successful blog  in 2016

You may ask Why these Three  – because a good short domain name is easy to remember, a good hosting company will always make sure your site is up with no server problems  and a good design will always install trust in viewers and help your blog look more professional and popular.

making a sucessful blog to earn money

Getting the first two factors sorted out is pretty straightforward –  Just choose the right provider (I have provided a link to comparison of providers both hosting and domain names ). To get a good design  for your blog or website easily  the word press blogging software is a must as you can install a good paid design (wordpress theme) in minutes

Luckily most hosting providers already support wordpress blogging software.

When I say , word press is a must for good blog design, it is because it’s one of the most popular website /blogging software. It also  has one of the highest number of free designs available  to install in your blog in just a few clicks . The bonus is that there are also  a lot of  cheap yet professional designs available at affordable prices for wordpress blogs . It’s called wordpress skins – themes or templates.

Once you purchase a good design that suits your blog-subject , you can download that theme and  just click and upload it within your blog admin area  and your blog has a new good looking professional design. The entire website look or design is changed in an instant.

If you want to compare  this task – Changing the design and look of  you word press website and blog is as easy as changing  you dress if you want a comparison. You wear a nice looking dress/clothes and you look good and people  show appreciation  and want to talk to you, the same way you get a good word-press design theme and people will come to your blog because it looks good and professional . The difference is with wordpress  it takes a mere minute or less  to change a template design or theme to your wordpress blog ( and in real life changing your dress/shirt can probably take much longer 😉

Professional WordPress themes and templates  are available from prices as low as $69 for 80 + professional themes from some providers. WP themes  or templates are also available for free from within your  wordpress blog  in the admin area. Go to appearance once logged in and search for themes and just add them and  activate ( but I dont recommend  installing wordpress free themes if you are serious about blogging)

uk hosting for wordpress deal dude


I remember I recently helped a friend set up a blog, and after 3 months he comes back and tells me that his blog is hardly getting like 4 to 5 visits a day. I checked his blog and saw that he had written only 4 short articles( 300 words) in those three months and had done no promotion of his blog. I explained to him that this was the reasons why he was not receiving more visits, make content at least 500 words minimum( if not longer) for each article , write at least 2 to 3 interesting articles each week  in the first couple of months with attractive relevant images in the posts and also promote the blog .

Within next three months he was close to 100 visits a day following my tips, which is pretty good for a new blog.

2016 and Making money from your blog 

Once you get the traffic rolling in , you can start to make money, because there is only one basic rule (traffic = Money).  Saying that  you need a decent amount of traffic to make money,  I have made money from blogs with  100 unique visits a day but to have a more consistent and reasonable income  to start with  you will at least need anywhere  from 400 to 500 visit s a day  depending on your niche.

So you ask how to make that money from your blog , they are 101 ways to make money from your blog  for eg . putting  google ads on your blog( adsense) , promoting  other products for a commission ( affiliate marketing), accepting sponsored posts  from companies  etc .

These are some of the more popular methods .but there are still many  more ways you can make money on-line. I will surely  cover  this on a detailed post later , to show you how to make money from your blog  but if your wanna get there the professional way  and quickly  maybe you can check out  this clickbank training course

Back to the main topic, once you have sorted out your domain, hosting and design the only thing you need on a regular basis is good content written to attract viewers to your blog and keep them coming back. To ensure that this is taken care of, make sure you start a blog on a topic that you are passionate about, so that you don’t get bored after a while. Once you start to make money from your blog (yes it’s possible) you can (outsource) the content writing if you are short on time.

After this is taken care of, you should get viewers visiting your blog as you add more interesting articles to your blog (install stat counter to measure visits /traffic). If traffic to your blog is not increasing you probably need to make it more visible on the internet, and you can do this by promoting your blog content through social media like Facebook, twitter and pinterest etc. and also researching how to do SEO for blogs on Google.

Here are some links  to  choose/compare the right providers for Blog  domain buying, Blog templates/Themes or design and  Hosting companies for blogs.

uk girl deals for 2016 in hosting

I have written detailed posts on Comparison of different  webhosting for blogs and websites and price comparison  and also detailed posts on providers for reviews/ comparison on  domain providers and wordpress themes providers for your blog.

You can visit the external  website posts links above to check out which service will suit your budget and if you want to check out some detailed articles on website hosting comparison and best wordpress themes for your blog  check out his link (hosting) + this link(themes) on our blog.

Below are some Hosting providers if you are looking for  UK website hosts, I prefer to use the Us hosting companies  for my Australian websites

UK Hosting  & European hosting

Some of the European hosting is also mainly UK hosting with, evohosting, pacwebhosting, icdsoft being some popular hosts  being mentioned around forums. Let me know if you have a favourite one that has worked well for you

clook net uk european hosting

Prices start from £5 pounds a month to £260 pounds a month and they support word press. Uptime is fantastic and the service is good and better than what I have experienced with other hosts


US Hosting Companies


the bluehost comparison and prices for hsoting

www.bluehost.comWeb Host – 24/7 USA-based support.Install WordPress with a click of a button!Price: $5.99 Now  $3.49 a month(60%off Link)



godaddy webhosting domains service provider

Reliable Web Hosting  and  their  24/7 tech support is always handySpecial deal now :Just $1 to $6.99 a month

Happy Blogging.

Let me know if you need any help with setting up your blog or any specific help with SEO or any other blogging related  issues . Good luck!