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Hey there ! My name is and I like to blog about building websites and setting up new blogs, optimizing websites with wordpress plugins and scripts , I like to write about cool gadgets and SEO & Internet marketing. Yes thats Me! :) . You can find me on + here. I love tinkering around with html , wordpress an finding ways to promote and rank blogs on Google ,Bing and Yahoo search engines. I am also on a journey on finding out how to make money from websites ,so I will share my wisdom and hope you can also learn something from it. So welcome to my domain and I hope I can be of some help to you on your blogging journey.

A Website That Designs Itself is the Way of the future

future of wordpess web design automation the grid

You thought setting up a word press website and maintaining it was easy, wait  until this concept unfolds in the future. Forget HTML 5 websites, Drag and drop  website design, etc this new concept  will make all these recent website building techniques  look ancient.  Even Matt Mullenweg founder of wordpress would not have guessed that web-design would come this far.  This new website building technology is called the grid and it automates website  building and takes it to a personal level.

The Grid is powered by the power of artificial intelligence and pretty much takes everything you throw at it – videos, images, text, urls and more – and automatically shape them into a custom website unique to you.

Does this mean  the death of web designers?

Nope. This technology though promising , has a long way to go  and it will surely evolve into much better things  as the technology gets more refined and as artificial intelligence gets more evolved. But he day is not far, when you will wear a wearable  computer and order it to install a website, upload plugins and update your website, just speaking or texting to it.

What this new adaptive technology could do if refined, is put web designers out of jobs… negate the need of web design learning and courses, and put web design software companies and people like  Charles Moir founder of xara and Samir Arora founder of netobjects at loss.

What  is the future of webdesign

The grid is an amazing automated website building concept and  is a standout example of how contextual computing is being put to use. This website offers a service where the websites is built using artificial intelligence that alters the design every time  the user/blogger adds content  to the website or blog. This process makes sure  your  blog/website is optimized for your specified purpose- such as art portfolio, lead gathering blog, sales, etc.

This can only be a beginning  in word press website building  and it can be diversified and built upon on  in many different ways  as  artificial intelligence on which this is based progresses as well .

Until then unfortunately we would still need to rely on building word press the traditional  one click way, so if your  interested in some good word press hosting website deals in the meantime visit our hosting and website comparison web page over here

Vis the GRID website here – ( website – The Grid. )

Getting your mobile friendly or responsive wordpress website can be easy

Don’t get Caught dead with SEO. Its 2015 and google has just announced that mobile friendly websites or responsive themes are going to be a factor in ranking websites in their search engines. Every serious blogger or internet marketer cannot ignore this, with google being one of the biggest search engines for now.

There is no doubt about it  that well known  people in the website business are backing up this move, with Matt Mullenweg  the founding developer of WordPress also supporting responsive themes by making all  their default wordpress themes like “twenty fifteen” “twenty fourteen”  and older default WP themes responsive.

Even Google ‘s Matt Cutts says that Responsive and mobile ready websites will be preferred in their search engine ranking factors.

Not having a smartphone , tablet or smart devices enabled website can cost your money and also on-line visitors/traffic to your blog.

cheap responsive wordpress themes free and paid

So What is a mobile friendly or responsive website ?

In simple words a responsive website is one which can display any website or blog on any device fluidly/properly without getting misaligned .

To put this into perspective earlier many websites were made only bearing in mind desktop screens or at the most laptop screens, so when you browsed that website on a small mobile phone or tablet or a big Wide screen monitor the website design either got messed up due to the different viewing dimensions or it was very difficult to navigate the website on a small device.

Responsive or smart device/smartphone friendly websites are made in such a manner that the website automatically responds or changes the website design to suit the screen you are viewing the website on. If you access the website from your smartphone (as a example ) you see a smartphone friendly version design where you can easily scroll and see better larger text to suit your reading on a smartphone but if you access that same website from a normal desktop you can see the a wider design version suitable for you desktop screen, so the website responds to the device you are viewing it on.

This has become a ranking factor for google , who is pushing for this to be adopted by all . This is also due to the increase of internet browsing and shopping by people on their phones and google having a major chunk of the online ppc advertising business. Warrior forums also states that this could be a compulsory factor for all websites in the future, enforced by google.

So where does word press comes in with responsive design?

WordPress is one of the most popular and website software that is also a CMS and blog software with many top websites like mashable and techcrunch and BBC America using this platform to host their websites. WordPress is not only kept regularly upto date but is also Html compliant and one of the platforms that have the most number of themes available for designing word press websites.

[ For newbies] A wordpress theme is a pre made design that you can install with one click in minutes to change the entire look of your wordpress blog or website

WordPress themes are one of the first website /blog design to be widely adopted by website designers to make responsive themes and they are hundreds so free and paid responsive themes if you use wordpress blog software for your website.

Even though there are good free responsive themes , I do prefer to use paid responsive website themes as they are updated more frequently by their developers. WordPress software is updated quite regularly and if your wordpress responsive theme is not properly coded or updated then it can break your website. Free themes are not updated as regularly for obvious reasons .

Website/Blog Responsive Design, What Does It Cost?

If you have a relatively simple website for your business, modifying your existing website to a responsive design may cost you as little as several hundred dollars to perhaps a few thousand based on how big your website is. That is also assuming that the existing design lends itself to becoming responsive and it does not have to be fully redone.

But its quite likely that if you haven’t redesigned your website in many years, you might need to go through a complete redesign process and the answer to what it will cost is, as usual, “it depends.”

If you have a website designer that you work with you on your website, simply ask them what it will cost to overhaul your existing website to be responsive. If you have a wordpress website with not much customisation done, then you are in luck and you can get your wordpress blog or website made responsive in under $100 dollars. Check out some demo websites and providers below that we recommend.

What Reponsive desing themes do I recommend ?

One of my favourite themes providers are Solostream Themes  (This website uses solostream -Check it out on mobile), Elegant themes and Theme forest themes in no particular order , though I like solostream for its streamlined design and good banner advertising options

Elegant themes I like for its price($69 one off  for 80 + themes ) and range of beautiful designs available .

Theme forest ( codecanyon, graphic river ) is good not only for the variety in website and blog designs but also cater to bloggers for a wide variety of scripts and wordpress-plugins that it offers

Below is an example of what you can get from these three providers

Solostream responsive theme

wp clear solostream $59 themewp radiance start a blog theme $59

Left [Wp clear theme] Right [Wp radiance theme]

Elegant responsive theme

elegant nexus theme for $69 for 80 wpthemes

[ Elegant themes –  $69 for 80+ premium  Wp themes ]

Theme forest responsive theme

theme forest  responisve themes from $10 to $60

Themeforest [Responsive sarah theme Demo]

I have also used other providers for themes like Genesis , WP thesis and WPzoom in the past but their prices are a bit on the higher side for what they are offering in comparison to the above theme providers.

Example of HTML5 Template

Ariva - Minimal AgencyPortfolio HTML5 Template

theme forest ariva html5 template cheap

ARIVA is responsive one page portfolio template with clean,simple,minimalist and elegant design.It can be used for creative digital agent or even personal/freelancer to show portfolios and selling services. Its build based on twitter bootstrap ,so it has powerfull features.

  • Build with twitter bootstrap
  • Icon powered by Fontawesome
  • Responsive Design
  • 8+ Header Style(Slider,Video and Youtube background)
  • Ajax Portfolio
  • Working Contact Form
  • and Many More
How to make my wordpress website responsive in 2 minutes ?

1. Login to your website admin panel .

2. Got o appearance / themes – just upload a purchased responsive theme (theme in a zip folder will also do)

3. Activate the theme, and your done (You might need to go to theme settings and do some minor fine tuning-Optional)

Get your new blog started the right way with a responsive wordpress website and blog your way to success. Early adopters of new technology always stay ahead of the game. Click one of the above referral links above to be taken to the latest offers available on those themes.( links regularly updated).

So if you liked the  simple design of this blog that is truly responsive  you can get/browse the solostream  themes & prices  over here or if you prefer to get a low-cost  wp premuim themes membership which also gives you a couple of plugins  you can browse/buy elegant themes at their website here. Good luck!


[For best deals on hosting check out this post]


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Planning to start a successful blog that will make you money ?

A successful and Popular blog with always need these 3 Components if you are in UK, Australia , US , Canada or any other country

  1. A good domain name
  2. A good hosting company
  3. And a Good Looking Design or WordPress theme.

Start a Successful blog  in 2016

You may ask Why these Three  – because a good short domain name is easy to remember, a good hosting company will always make sure your site is up with no server problems  and a good design will always install trust in viewers and help your blog look more professional and popular.

making a sucessful blog to earn money

Getting the first two factors sorted out is pretty straightforward –  Just choose the right provider (I have provided a link to comparison of providers both hosting and domain names ). To get a good design  for your blog or website easily  the word press blogging software is a must as you can install a good paid design (wordpress theme) in minutes

Luckily most hosting providers already support wordpress blogging software.

When I say , word press is a must for good blog design, it is because it’s one of the most popular website /blogging software. It also  has one of the highest number of free designs available  to install in your blog in just a few clicks . The bonus is that there are also  a lot of  cheap yet professional designs available at affordable prices for wordpress blogs . It’s called wordpress skins – themes or templates.

Once you purchase a good design that suits your blog-subject , you can download that theme and  just click and upload it within your blog admin area  and your blog has a new good looking professional design. The entire website look or design is changed in an instant.

If you want to compare  this task – Changing the design and look of  you word press website and blog is as easy as changing  you dress if you want a comparison. You wear a nice looking dress/clothes and you look good and people  show appreciation  and want to talk to you, the same way you get a good word-press design theme and people will come to your blog because it looks good and professional . The difference is with wordpress  it takes a mere minute or less  to change a template design or theme to your wordpress blog ( and in real life changing your dress/shirt can probably take much longer 😉

Professional WordPress themes and templates  are available from prices as low as $69 for 80 + professional themes from some providers. WP themes  or templates are also available for free from within your  wordpress blog  in the admin area. Go to appearance once logged in and search for themes and just add them and  activate ( but I dont recommend  installing wordpress free themes if you are serious about blogging)

uk hosting for wordpress deal dude


I remember I recently helped a friend set up a blog, and after 3 months he comes back and tells me that his blog is hardly getting like 4 to 5 visits a day. I checked his blog and saw that he had written only 4 short articles( 300 words) in those three months and had done no promotion of his blog. I explained to him that this was the reasons why he was not receiving more visits, make content at least 500 words minimum( if not longer) for each article , write at least 2 to 3 interesting articles each week  in the first couple of months with attractive relevant images in the posts and also promote the blog .

Within next three months he was close to 100 visits a day following my tips, which is pretty good for a new blog.

2016 and Making money from your blog 

Once you get the traffic rolling in , you can start to make money, because there is only one basic rule (traffic = Money).  Saying that  you need a decent amount of traffic to make money,  I have made money from blogs with  100 unique visits a day but to have a more consistent and reasonable income  to start with  you will at least need anywhere  from 400 to 500 visit s a day  depending on your niche.

So you ask how to make that money from your blog , they are 101 ways to make money from your blog  for eg . putting  google ads on your blog( adsense) , promoting  other products for a commission ( affiliate marketing), accepting sponsored posts  from companies  etc .

These are some of the more popular methods .but there are still many  more ways you can make money on-line. I will surely  cover  this on a detailed post later , to show you how to make money from your blog  but if your wanna get there the professional way  and quickly  maybe you can check out  this clickbank training course

Back to the main topic, once you have sorted out your domain, hosting and design the only thing you need on a regular basis is good content written to attract viewers to your blog and keep them coming back. To ensure that this is taken care of, make sure you start a blog on a topic that you are passionate about, so that you don’t get bored after a while. Once you start to make money from your blog (yes it’s possible) you can (outsource) the content writing if you are short on time.

After this is taken care of, you should get viewers visiting your blog as you add more interesting articles to your blog (install stat counter to measure visits /traffic). If traffic to your blog is not increasing you probably need to make it more visible on the internet, and you can do this by promoting your blog content through social media like Facebook, twitter and pinterest etc. and also researching how to do SEO for blogs on Google.

Here are some links  to  choose/compare the right providers for Blog  domain buying, Blog templates/Themes or design and  Hosting companies for blogs.

uk girl deals for 2016 in hosting

I have written detailed posts on Comparison of different  webhosting for blogs and websites and price comparison  and also detailed posts on providers for reviews/ comparison on  domain providers and wordpress themes providers for your blog.

You can visit the external  website posts links above to check out which service will suit your budget and if you want to check out some detailed articles on website hosting comparison and best wordpress themes for your blog  check out his link (hosting) + this link(themes) on our blog.

Below are some Hosting providers if you are looking for  UK website hosts, I prefer to use the Us hosting companies  for my Australian websites

UK Hosting  & European hosting

Some of the European hosting is also mainly UK hosting with, evohosting, pacwebhosting, icdsoft being some popular hosts  being mentioned around forums. Let me know if you have a favourite one that has worked well for you

clook net uk european hosting

Prices start from £5 pounds a month to £260 pounds a month and they support word press. Uptime is fantastic and the service is good and better than what I have experienced with other hosts


US Hosting Companies


the bluehost comparison and prices for hsoting

www.bluehost.comWeb Host – 24/7 USA-based support.Install WordPress with a click of a button!Price: $5.99 Now  $3.49 a month(60%off Link)



godaddy webhosting domains service provider

Reliable Web Hosting  and  their  24/7 tech support is always handySpecial deal now :Just $1 to $6.99 a month

Happy Blogging.

Let me know if you need any help with setting up your blog or any specific help with SEO or any other blogging related  issues . Good luck!

Online Guide to starting a website

Welcome to hosted on WordPress software

The best blog starter  slackazz

This is your first post on the blog  and we will shortly be updating our content  soon with online guides and tuorials.

You can expect detailed guides and articles on how to start a blog or website, How to choose  domain, where to get  the best hosting plans  or cheapest domains for your blog.

We will give detailed comparison charts and articles for newbies  as well as advanced tactics on how to monetize your blog and SEO your blog  to generate revenue. Step by step guides will also be  provided with training videos to help you set up your blog

Until then – Keep Shooting for the stars

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